MFW Review: DSI Design for Change Gala

Whew! Last week we managed to juggle our crazy lives and attend a few of the events around Midwest Fashion Week. In all, we can say that organizers were able to provide a… Continue reading

Spotlight 2012: Seeing Red

Professional performers from all over Central Indiana will come together to raise money for HIV/AIDS education, prevention and testing programs across Indiana. They stand in the spotlight in order to keep the spotlight… Continue reading

Anniversary Series- Take I

Here we are, celebrating our one year anniversary in the midst of crazy events! But oh well, that’s life and we wouldn’t like it any different!!! This take is focused on the pant… Continue reading

Black & Brown

Since I get asked a lot about whether it’s ok or not to mix black with brown, this look inspired me to share with you! Yes, it is completely fine to mix them… Continue reading

Moda Profile: Madison Hanulak

Madison is a “preppy girl” living in Indy! She is about to graduate from the Art Institute of Indianapolis with a major in Fashion Retail and Merchandise. Madison is one of the few… Continue reading

MFW Review: Hair & Makeup – by Andrew Boyd

While it was great to be back on the scene of Indy fashion, the hair and makeup was not as interesting as in October. However, the clothing was much more wearable and well… Continue reading

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